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Algrove Publishing Limited
36 Mill Street
P. O. Box 1238
Almonte, Ontario
Canada K0A 1A0

Tel: (613) 256-0350
Email: sales@algrove.com

The Algrove story begins with our publisher, Leonard G. Lee, who founded Lee Valley Tools,
a mail order company that specializes in woodworking and gardening supplies.

As a skilled woodworker, seasoned gardener and basic 'jack-of-all-trades', he had accumulated a reference library of classic old books on a variety of technical and general subjects. Since many of these older books contained a wealth of information that is as applicable today as it was 100 or so years ago, he decided to publish a selection of these out-of-print classics and offer them to his customers at affordable prices. Algrove Publishing and our Classic Reprints were born.

Algrove has now been proudly publishing since 1991 and we remain the primary supplier of books to Lee Valley Tools. Along with publishing a few new titles of interest to our customers, we continue to reproduce old and sometimes rare out-of-print books on subjects such as mechanics, woodworking, gardening, naval lore, architecture, technology, etc.

We also continue to sell our books at affordable prices, since we produce and publish our books locally, out of a small historic building in Almonte, Ontario. All are printed in North America.