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When we find a title that we wish to publish, we go on the hunt for an original version that is in the best condition possible. Sometimes the best condition possible means the book has some staining, mold, spots, tears and other indignities brought on by age or mishandling. Using special scanning equipment, we digitize the entire book, warts and all. Our artists then examine each digital page and go about the process of skillfully touching up or removing the signs of age, leaving each page as clear and legible as possible. We take great care in this process so that the original integrity is not compromised. Because our books retain their 'mature' look, all of our reprints have the "Algrove Publishing Classic Reprint" logo on the cover and title page, so that there is no question that the book is newly published.

Important Algrove Features!
You may not notice, but our softcover books are quite different from other softcover books you might own. The vast majority of paperbacks, whether mass-market or the more expensive trade paperbacks, have the pages sheared and notched at the spine so that they may be glued together. The paper itself is often of newsprint quality. Over time, the paper will brown and the spine will crack if flexed. Eventually the pages fall out. All of our softcover books, like our hardcover books, have sewn bindings. The pages are sewn in signatures of sixteen or thirty-two pages and these signatures are then sewn to each other. They are also glued at the back but the glue is used primarily to hold the cover on, not to hold the pages together.

We also use acid-free paper in our books. This paper does not yellow over time. A century from now, this book will have paper of its original color and an intact binding, unless it has been exposed to fire, water, or other catastrophe.

And finally, we shrinkwrap our books so that they remain protected and unopened until the owner brings them home.

The cost of these extras is well below their value and while we do not expect a medal for incorporating them, we did want you to notice them.